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Jan 31

Written by: cfladmin
1/31/2012 11:08 AM  RssIcon

Leading up to the Port of Tauranga half Ironman Training had been far from great. The weather had been terrible and subsequently my motivation was low, so getting out the door had been a struggle. I had some optimism though after a good race at the Auckland marathon and because of the rain I had done a little bit more swimming than last year.

Unsurprisingly I woke on race day to overcast conditions but as I hadn't seen the sun for the past few weeks it wasn't much of a concern.

The gun for the swim sounded and i got off to a good start and felt good. We started on the turn of the tide so on the second lap we had the outgoing tide to deal with which creates some strong currents as the water exits the harbour. I had felt great in the swim and was well up the field so was dismayed to see I had swam 27:40 as I got out of the water. It was still good enough for 10th fastest swim time though.

My bike training is what had suffered the most over the past weeks so I started off nice and steady into the wind. Soon enough people started catching up so by the time we got to the first outward turnaround we had a nice little group formed. With the wind behind now I feeling quite good so decided to open up a bit and had soon dropped the group and was biking by myself and stayed like that for the next 60 odd km into transition.

Into transition i got penalised for taking my helmet off too early so had a 15 sec penalty. I started the run in third position for the non-elites and immediately passed 2nd place within the first 100 metres. I was still feeling great and was surprised at the pace i was holding. Just after the first turn round a couple more people passed me but on the run back I could see I was comfortably in 4th. I held this position all the way to finish and finish with a run time with 1:23:50, 3min faster than last year and under the 4min km average pace!!! Overall i was finished in 4:14:37, 14th overall, 4th non elite and second in may age group in a field of 1200. After a great race my motivation is back in force and can't wait to tear up the full ironman course in March. BRING IT ON!!!

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Run 01:26:54
Total 04:18:46 
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T1 00:05:32
Bike 05:09:18
T2 00:03:38
Run 03:46:06
Total 09:55:55
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Swim 00:27:41
T1 00:01:53
Bike 02:22:39
T2 00:02:05
Run 01:28:15
Total 04:22:33 

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Bike 02:44:01
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