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Dec 9

Written by: cfladmin
12/9/2011 11:40 AM  RssIcon

At the end of October I lined up for my third crack at the Auckland marathon with the aim of getting under the 3 hour mark. I went to bed early and woke to my alarm just after 4am. After several minutes of debate with myself over the pros and cons of sleeping in or running the marathon I eventually got up and by the start time at 6am,and a couple of energy drinks later, I was ready to go.

This year I had decided to change my race plan from going out fast and holding on to going out slightly slower and trying to negative split the second lap. The first half of the auckland marathon is reasonably hilly compared to the second half which is pancake flat along the waterfront. I was using my GPS so was getting splits every KM and knew what pace I needed to keep to get under the 3 hour mark. The first few KM I was a little over 3 hour pace but was feeling good and could see the 3 hour pace man just up the road. At about 16km the marathon takes you over the auckland harbour bridge which is the longest hill of the day. I was now running with the 3 hour pace group and feeling great. Keeping to my plan I made sure I took the bridge easy as its basically the last hill on the course. I went through the 21km mark in just over 1 hour 28 minutes which was a couple minutes slower than my past attempts but this time I was able to increase the pace. I was now running a few seconds under 3 hour pace each KM and knew I was building up a buffer in case things went bad. It's a bit cliche but I just concentrated on 1 km at a time and before I knew it there was only a few KM to go. With 5 km to go I knew I had over 5 minutes up my sleeve so I decided to treat myself with a walk through an aid station and a coke. BAD IDEA. Once I started running again I started to cramp up. I wasn't going to let it slip now though so struggled through the last few KM and crossed the finish line in 2 hours 57 minutes.

It was a great event and a nice way to start my tri season. Now its time to start getting fit for the ironman.

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